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We are a multidisciplinary team dedicated to design in which design itself plays the star role, at the service of our clients.
Architects in Marbella
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architect Marbella Juan Antonio Serrano

Juan Antonio Serrano

I started work as an architect in 1998, and since 2001 I have been based in Marbella, where shortly after I founded ADK Architecture, now called Serrano Font, and since then I have been working on residential, planning, commercial projects, etcetera, for both private clients and the Administration. During this time, I have acted as municipal architect in Ojén and Monda and have been a consultant to many Town Halls, complementing the public aspect of my work with the private, from my offices, and working with developers at both local and national level.


I received my first architecture awards at the University of Seville, where I obtained one of the Schindler Awards.  At that time I was working for prestigious architects such as the national architecture award winner, Javier Terrados Cepeda, and MRPR architects, with whom I obtained the first prize in the Faculty of Information Sciences competition in Seville.


After this period, I moved to Marbella where, since then, I have been working independently.  During this time I have had the satisfaction of working various types of project, from town planning projects (a speciality in which we have drawn up all types of plans, including the Master Urban Plan for Gaucín) to construction, such as Town Halls, social centres, houses, mansions, residential complexes and hotels.


We mainly work throughout the Costa del Sol, although we have developed international projects in different countries such as Morocco, Brazil and Bulgaria.

A company dedicated to design in which design itself plays the star role, at the service of the clients.

I am currently the director of Serrano Font, a technical studio for design, architecture, town planning, engineering and consultancy, composed of a brilliant team of architects. We are a modern company where all styles have their place.  Work and ethics are the pillars of our company and aspects such as quality and thoroughness are given priority.


 As the founding partner, I had the vision of creating a company dedicated to design, in which design itself plays the star role, at the service of the clients, and in which it is possible to produce innovative designs, signature architecture and the building work, based on knowledge and on a good domination of the necessary skills.  Through detailed work we are able to control schedules and budgets.  The expense involved in having a good project is the best investment, as this will lead to good construction work.  Our houses and buildings are proof of this.


 As an architectural firm, in addition to having creative architects of acknowledged prestige, we also think with the mentality of a services company, in which the client is the objective of our work.


Tecnico Marbella Andrés Anguita Guirao Serrano Font

Qualified Draughtsman and Topographer (specialising in Buildings and Construction Work) since 1994. He has worked as studio manager since then in several architecture firms and has now been working for over 10 years in Serranofont acting as manager for coordination and monitoring building and town planning projects.

Andrés Anguita

Arquitectos Marbella Alvaro Cardoso Serrano Font

Graduate in Architecture from the University of Seville. He began as a project architect in Marbella in 2002. With his ability to design and present all kinds of building, he has participated in the design of over 300 homes, both in large-scale developments and individual villas, office blocks, hotels, public amenities and historic heritage buildings.

Álvaro Cardoso



Serrano Font is a boutique style architects firm directed by Juan Antonio Serrano which is distinguished for developing signature projects with innovative, unique designs that set them apart from others, with highly technical and professional training for creating architecture of excellence, where financial control and keeping to deadlines are an essential part of the process for being able to make a design feasible, adapted to the proposals and requirements of each client.

Juan Antonio Serrano prints the architectural vision and personal seal on all of its projects, but without losing sight of the needs and desires of the clients.


Serrano Font carries out projects that stand out for their creative singularity and distinctiveness. We create buildings of all kind, from public buildings to private villas or apartment blocks.  We favour modern, contemporary architecture, the type of architecture where the “what” is as important as the “how”.  Architecture that inspires and raises passions in its occupants, that allows them to enjoy the space, the environment and light that surrounds them, as they had never imagined before.  Innovative architecture that uses the best tools and is based on the latest technological advances.  Responsible architecture that first asks what are your ideas, your concerns, your dreams.  In short, architecture where the most important thing is you.

Arquitectos Sotogrande


Serrano Font develops projects with the utmost thoroughness and the technical foundations that make it possible to control costs and delivery times, so that the construction work is achievable and effective in all of its aspects.

Arquitecto Marbella detalle


Serrano Font is characterised by setting itself high standards and by its constant search for the optimum solution for each project, making use of all the media required for the purpose and with the flexibility and adaptability necessary for satisfying the needs and proposals of the clients.


In Serrano Font we understand development from the context of Town Hall approval.  This means we are well positioned for assisting in the first stages of conceiving ideas and handling projects by evaluating the planning aspects in order to ensure the correct understanding of the projects. The evaluation is essential for deciding whether to invest in or sell a property. We offer a reliable, sure and top quality service based not only on integrity and clarity, but also on our thorough experience in the market and our knowledge of the financial, planning and architectural aspects.


We focus on helping our clients to prepare, implement and place their residential projects on the market at the price and within the deadlines anticipated, as quickly and efficiently as economically possible, obtaining the maximum returns.