Serrano Font | Villa in Marbella in progress II
We are glad to see that the Villa Cerro Muriano project is taking shape. A high-end solution consisting of a mixed structure.
Villa in Marbella
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Villa in Marbella in progress II


Villa in Marbella in progress II

This splendid villa is coming alive. With the structure already finished, the different stages are taking place, the making of the partitions, the waterprofing of the roof, the thermal insulation of the exterior walls and the building facilities.  We should highlight the aerial metallic structure of the chill out for the swimming pool and the marvelous overhang in the first floor. To show the progress, we have made a short video. We hope you will enjoy it!


You can also follow the progress of this villa in Marbella with the next pictures:

Villa in Marbella

Aereal views of the construction works of the villa in Marbella.


Estructura metalica Villa en Marbella

Metallic structure for the chill-out.


Prueba estanqueidad piscina en Marbella

Water tightness test for the swimming pool. View at dawn.


Estructura mixta Villa Cerro Muriano, Marbella

Overhang made with metal truss and cables.


Construccion de villa en Marbella

Mixed structure.


Mixed structure Villa in Marbella

Preparations before concrete.


construction villa in Marbella

Formwork of the roof.


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