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Northern Sector - Cape Verde, master plan in cape verde
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Northern Sector – Cape Verde(2009)

The land is located at the end of town of Sal Rei, just to the south, on the island of Boavista. With white sandy beaches, and gentle slopes and uncomplicated terrain, the only gradient of any significance is found in the northern part.

The land area is 560,000 m2 and the project is for 4,538 units with a maximum of 445,744 m2 of gross floor area.

The criteria for drawing up this plan were somewhat unique as this sector is largely tourism-orientated and at this point it intersects with the residential framework of the town of Sal Rei, so there have been several determining factors in drawing it up. The first one is to conserve an overall area of 10 Ha required by the Authorities. The second was to locate the hotel area near to the coast, as this is the only place where it is commercially viable. And lastly, the layout of the existing road system is maintained, and the land for amenities, the sports facilities and the health centre, is located near the entrance to the sector.

We attempted at all times to maintain the living standards that correspond to a residential area, creating 10% of green zones and ample sports amenities with somewhat less than 10% of the area of this sector.