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Master Urban Plan for Gaucín, Plan for Gaucín
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Master Urban Plan for Gaucín – Gaucín (2011)

Winner of the tender and the firm awarded the project for drawing up the Master Urban Plan for Gaucin, following the Town Hall Ordinance dated 30 January 2004, and given the need for advice and technical assistance for drawing up the Master Urban Plan for Gaucín.

The General Plan for the town was implemented by processing the entire documentation of the Master Urban Plan at its initial approval stage with the perspective of a plan committed to the surroundings and the environment and in strict compliance with the rules and application of planning legislation.

Gaucín is located in the province of Malaga, near the coast, forming part of the Valle del Genal district, in a strategic position linking the Costa del Sol and the Campo de Gibraltar with the Ronda mountain areas, and is therefore an essential element in the communications between provinces and counties. It covers an area of 98 square kilometres and its population in 2009 was 1929 inhabitants, which gives it a density of 20.23 inhabitants per square kilometre.