Serrano Font | Juan Antonio Serrano in Top Arquitectos
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Juan Antonio Serrano in Top Arquitectos

A study created by young architects, led by Juan Antonio Serrano Tirao, founding member, editor of the general zoning plans for Comares and Gaucín also editor of several partial plans and Master-plans in and outside Spain, and although his specialty is in design, he stands out in each of the disciplines in which he works. His attention to detail has led him to design projects that cover from public buildings to large villas, from residential developments to urbanizations. His work in the public sector agglomerates several municipalities and administrations. The City Council of Marbella, Yunquera, Gaucín, Monda or the Junta de Andalucia are good proof of it. His continuous consultancy services provided to the Councils of Ojen and Monda, the drafting of numerous planning projects comprising functional and sustainable solutions, have made of Serrano Font Architects, one of the strongest examples in the urban planning of the Costa del Sol.